Annyong Hasseyo!

Annyong Hasseyo!

This trip marks a number of firsts for my family - our first time to fly out on a December and our first time to experience snow together to name a few. My mother had bad experience with harsh weather a few years ago (Glad that eczema is long gone!) so this trip was quite a surprise to me and my siblings. 

We were in Incheon for the first few days and our first stop was Mt. Seorak / Seoraksan. “Seol” means snow and “Ak”, big mountain. If I remember correctly, the mountain got its name because the snow never melts, keeping the rocks permanently white the whole year round. This is my view from the cable car that took us up:

It was only my sister and I who actually braved the climb. Notice the thick ice that can send you to your slippery death:

I remember how we held on to those rails as if our life depended on it! I assume my sister had an easier time since she was wearing Uggs. They’re popular to the women in the West for a reason, I suppose. 

As you have probably guessed, we took turns taking each other’s pictures. But gosh, can you blame us? The snow was an instant diffuser so everything was suddenly photogenic. You can probably take a picture of a tree stump and still make it look nice. Looking at my picture now, I wish I made an effort to at least put lipstick on. I’m normally lazy to put lip colour on when I travel because I try to lessen retouching in between. Behold my pale faced glory. 

Foot of the mountain! No snow in sight but it was just as cold. I’ve never layered so much in my life. Key to winter dressing: gloves and something to cover your ears with, whether with muffs or a bonnet.